World Peace

Peace Not WarI sure wish I had the solution to this one. I’m afraid war serves the purposes of too many people in power to ever see it disappear.

Manufacturers of war materiel reap fortunes from the death and destruction for which their products are used.

Government leaders are able to use war to extend their power over their subjects and to sometimes draw even more people into their scope.

Public and most private schools teach subservience to the state and its agents. Children are encouraged to confuse the bit of geography they inhabit with the government that controls that bit. This leads to a populace that largely applauds the killing of people who live in other bits of geography.

World peace may not be achieved in this age, but a person can find personal peace if they search for it with an open heart.

To read more about world peace, here is an excellent book. This is a selection from its website:
Why Peace“Who doesn’t want peace?” you might ask yourself. But look around you: War and human rights violations are everywhere. Fear is a dominant cultural bond. Meanwhile, so many of us consent to this aggression—when it is done by the government we think represents us.

Why Peace is about our aspirations to our own progression, to where peaceful and voluntary societal systems and associations replace the machinery of aggression and coercion. Only by interacting peacefully can we achieve a more harmonious, prosperous, healthy, fair and tolerant society.
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