Peace Rose

The Peace Rose

While visiting my favorite social media site, Gab, I encountered a beautiful photograph of a Peace Rose. This specimen of the 50-year-old variety was grown by Rachel Ronnan. I had to crop the image above, but you can see the whole thing in high resolution here.

Why is Gab my favorite social site? Because it’s the only truly “free speech” site on the Internet. All the others censor what you can see to some extent.

Of course, if all your friends are on Facebook or Twitter, then that’s where you have to go to meet up with them. But for information about current events, you’ll find the truth on Gab that doesn’t make it to the network news.

Andrew Torba is the Christian owner of Gab, and if you follow some of the people he reposts, you’ll soon be receiving some worthwhile content.

Note from the Peace Doctor: If you're concerned about peace for yourself, be sure to drop by our home page before you go. The Internet without a doubt is loaded with content regarding every imaginable topic. The foregoing is an item we expect will be interesting for peace enthusiasts and those who like to read peace news.