My Pills

Here’s what I’m taking these days :

All one/day except Vitamin C (four times/day), Vitamin D3 (twice daily), and Vitamin A (twice weekly). I buy them at Swanson, but they’re available everywhere.

Swanson Ultra
4 mg 60 Sgels

Swanson Ultra
Benfotiamine – Maximum Strength
300 mg 60 Veg Caps

Swanson Premium
Liquid Calcium & Magnesium – 2 Pack
100 Sgels

Swanson Premium
Multi without Iron – High Potency – 2 Pack
120 Sgels Per Bottle

Nature’s Life
400 mg 100 Veg Caps

NOW Foods
Vitamin A
25,000 IU 250 Sgels

Swanson Premium
Vitamin B12
500 mcg 250 Caps

Swanson Premium
Vitamin C with Rose Hips
1,000 mg 250 Caps

Swanson Premium
Vitamin D3 – Highest Potency
5,000 IU 250 Sgels

NOW Foods
Vitamin K-2
100 mcg 100 Veg Caps
$8.99 Coming Soon

Swanson Premium
Free-Form L-Lysine
40% OFF

Swanson Premium
Zinc Picolinate
22 mg 60 Caps

I’m 82 years old, have a Ph.D. in genetics, and I’m not about to be jabbed with untested gene therapy, dishonestly called a “vaccine.” My alternative: Nebulized-peroxide-a-simple-remedy-for-covid-19

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